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Newman PTC Committees & Board Members

Suzanne Baker Co-President*  
Rachel Cohen Co-President* 
Tracey Kaplowitz Co-President* 
Janet Ferriera Treasurer*
Lindsey Cohenno Assistant Treasurer*
Giovanna McGovern Assistant Treasurer*
OPEN Secretary* 
Marketing & Communications  
Peter Cohenno Marketing Co-Chair*
Keith Laface Marketing Co-Chair* 
Kristen Capodilupo Room Parent Coordinator
Lauren Alexander Sign Coordinator
Tom Deng Website*
Tom Deng Directory
Lauren Alexander Newsletter & Communications* 
Kristin Auffermann Newsletter & Communications* 
Sami Sinclair Fundraising Chair*
OPEN Annual Fund
Sami Sinclair Adult Social Chair
Lauren Baum Kickback Events 
Valine Valbrun Amazon Programs 
Emma Navales Springfest Co-Chair
OPEN Springfest Co-Chair
Beth Seidman Box Tops 
Tara Warren Box Tops 
Kathy Fritz Curriculum Enrichment Co-Chair*
Lisa Van Der Pool Curriculum Enrichment Co-Chair*
Parshavi Patel Understanding Our Different Abilities 
Beth Hammerstrand Curriculum Grants*
Torry Stamm Curriculum Grants*
Family & School Activities:  
Monique Goodrow-Trach Community Service Co-Chair
Nicole O'Connor Community Service Co-Chair
OPEN Family Activities
Mike O'Brien Halloween Event
Anne Grier Media Volunteer Coordinator
Carol Winig Yearbook
Aaron Toffler Garden Committee Co-Chair
Deborah Toffler Garden Committee Co-Chair
OPEN Safe Routes to School
OPEN Mayrathon
OPEN School Supply Kits
Ed Kim Parent/Teacher Sporting Events 
OPEN METCO Friends & Family Coordinator
Ann Lyons Hospitality
Julie Middleton Hospitality
Grade Level Committees:   
Kristen Capodilupo Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Shanna Deng Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Kathy Fritz Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Alyssa Halverson Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Ang Lenehan Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Emma Navales Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Laura O'Garr Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Melissa Lassonde Fourth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Stephanie Shaller Fourth Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Mike O'Brien Third Grade Activities Chair* 
Julie Hannon Second Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Carin Hofer Second Grade Activities Co-Chair*
Francy Wade First Grade Activities Chair*
Kira Dies Kindergarten Committee Co-Chair*
Jennifer Eacott Kindergarten Committee Co-Chair*
Alexandra Etscovitz Kindergarten Committee Co-Chair*
Chanit Brenner List Kindergarten Committee Co-Chair*
Leah Schwartz Kindergarten Committee Co-Chair*


* = Board Member Position

Room Parents

Each year the Newman PTC looks for Room Parent volunteers in your child's classroom. It's a fantastic opportunity to get involved and help build a strong classroom community.

The Room Parents will work together to:

  • Communicate PTC related news to the classroom families

  • Coordinate classroom activities for SpringFest, our Spring carnival

  • Supporting the teacher by coordinating volunteer opportunities (varies by teacher)

  • Proof-reading the classroom list for the school directory

  • Organizing a Teacher Appreciation and class gifts

  • Organizing class get-togethers for adults and for kids

  • Recruiting volunteers for PTC events

  • Collecting classroom photos for the yearbook.

Working and busy parents are encouraged to volunteer! Room Parents are not required to be  in the classroom. The Room Parents will work as a team and should invite classroom families to participate and share in activities and responsibilities as needed.  And, of course, the PTC is here to support you!

Any questions, please contact


Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering with the PTC this year? Email