About Newman PTC

Who We Are

The Newman Elementary School Parent Teacher Council (Newman PTC) serves to ENRICH the EDUCATION of all of our children and foster a sense of COMMUNITY.

What We Do For Your Family & Our Community

  • Enrich the curriculum by bringing the world of theatre, music, authors & artists into the classroom!
  • Engage our children in meaningful discussion about differences and personal safety through disability awareness and CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) programs!
  • Fund teacher grants & extra supplies for EVERY classroom!
  • Invest in our school and classroom- our playground, technology (smartboards, computers/iPads) and so much more!
  • Orchestrate all kinds of community & Family Fun!
  • Monster Ball, Skating, Ice Cream Socials, Springfest, Grade-level programs & more!
  • Encourage Health & Environmental Awareness with Family Fitness, and our Safe Routes to School, Mayrathon, etc.
  • Communicate happenings to the 650 families in the Newman community through the School Directory, Yearbook, Weekly email Newsletter and Website!
  • Appreciate our teachers and administrators with luncheons, parent-teacher events & more!

 Our operating budget is $50,000. We depend on donations & other fundraising efforts to support it and our people-power is ALL Volunteers!


So much to do! We Depend on YOU!

Volunteer! Lend your time, make an impact! Stay Informed!

Bookmark our website (www.newmanptc.org) & follow us on Facebook.


Questions? Want more info? We want to hear from you! Contact us at president@newmanptc.org.